Once the exclusive domain of control rooms and museums, now customers across most markets want to leverage video walls for communication or branding.

That’s because they’re not aware of a disruptive innovation from Skreens that dramatically reduces the cost and complexity of video walls.

No longer are a separate card or a PC needed to access a browser or encode video, nor is an external video switcher needed for the likes of Chroma key and transparencies, nor is an external audio mixer required.

These displays can be video walls, digital signs, conference rooms, network operation centers, production studios, sports bars, man caves, executive briefing centers, trade show demonstrations to name the very top of the iceberg.

Video Walls – Planar makes a fantastic video wall and provides a useful video processor, and FPGA architecture and Linux versus DSPs and Windows 7 are several key differentiators for Skreens.

Planar’s Clarity Video Wall is an is an awesome video wall; Skreens simply provides an argument that when combined with a Skreens unit, it or any 1080p or 4K display or laser projector, can compete and potentially save time on installations; providing more margin to resellers – margin that affords better service and experience resources back to the end user directly.

The bottom line is that Skreens can help integrators and manufacturers sell more video walls, opening up market possibilities and creating more satisfied customers – all by reducing the complexity and price of video walls.