Founded in 2008 in Louisville, its mission is to “Disrupt the waste and recycling industry and create less expensive, more sustainable solutions.” Rubicon’s cloud-based technology connects people and businesses with waste haulers and processors, reduces the waste stream going to landfills, increases recycling, and promotes development of more diverse forms of waste management in American communities.

An independent hauler contacts Rubicon with their services and service area and Rubicon connects them with small businesses in the area, as well as waste processing companies to create an independent network of operations.

“Imagine,” says the voiceover in a Rubicon online video, “If you could get real time updates on when your trash was collected, rate the driver that services your business and automate your payment online. Rubicon Connect enables you to toggle between your waste collection and payment information and includes features that help you save money and divert waste.”Once you get started, you can set up direct payments.

Rubicon Connect will also be your direct line to Rubicon’s dedicated support team and those drivers who provide the service.

Rubicon’s model generates revenue at many levels, from contracts with small local businesses to find more cost-effective waste disposal methods; from multimillion-dollar contracts with larger partners like Wegmans, 7-Eleven, and Lumber Liquidators to streamline waste disposal on a large scale; from work with government entities to better address city infrastructure issues; as well as from large multinationals like Suez Environmental of France so it can grow abroad. In 2016 Rubicon launched a small and medium business channel.

In a country constantly being told how different the left and the right are from each other, Rubicon Global suggests how much we have in common and how much we can achieve if we work together.

His hope is that as Rubicon grows it can sow the seeds of further work in its partners, in the technology, environmental and industrial sectors, and the next generation of entrepreneurs.