Digital agency Pie Insurance has begun selling its low-cost small business workers’ compensation insurance policies online in Colorado, Louisiana and Texas.

The pitch from Pie includes the claim, based on research from its partner Valen Analytics, that a majority of business owners are overpaying for workers’ compensation.

The agency offers small businesses a Pie Price Predictor Tool that tells them about what they should be paying for coverage versus the market average.

“Small business owners shoulder an unfair burden, with our proprietary data suggesting that 80 percent overpay for workers’ compensation insurance by up to 30 percent as a result of most insurance companies’ antiquated business models,” said John Swigart, co-founder and CEO of Pie.

Pie operates as a full-stack managing general agency with backing from global insurer Sirius Group.

Pie has said it also plans to eventually sell through large agency partners, and Swigart said that there is “Strong interest in the partner channel.”

In October 2017, Pie closed a $4.3 million seed round of funding.