NEW YORK – Analytics firm Definitive Healthcare has gained a foothold in the genomics market by acquiring PatientFinder, a cohort-building company serving the life sciences market.

The acquisition closed in December, but Framingham, Massachusetts-based Definitive Healthcare did not announce the transaction until Monday.

PatientFinder, headquartered in Plantation, Florida, makes technology to help life sciences companies and healthcare providers identify groups of patients who might benefit from various drugs, medical devices, and services.

With the acquisition, PatientFinder’s technology has been separated into two distinct brand names, according to Dave Thornton, ex-CEO of Patient Finder who now serves as senior vice president of innovation for Definitive Healthcare.

A Definitive Healthcare spokeswoman told GenomeWeb via email that this technology allows clients to assemble “Cohorts of patients whose medical history suggests they’d be good candidates for formal diagnosis,” something that is especially useful for clinical trials.

In the longer term, the newly expanded Definitive Healthcare is looking to create its own genomic data pipeline that it would deliver through CohortBuilder, the spokeswoman said.

“With [this] acquisition of PatientFinder, Definitive accelerates progress against its strategic roadmap – to provide end-to-end, go-to-market solutions that bridge the gap between data and action,” Definitive Healthcare Founder and CEO Jason Krantz said in a statement.