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Echelon DS delivers a six-step engagement to ensure your data science project is customized for the needs of your business today and in the future.

Scale With Speed

Scale With Speed

Scale your project at speed by partnering with Echelon DS to develop a complete platform, with security and scalability in mind to enable iterations over time.

Increase Efficiency With Automation

Increase Efficiency With Automation

Have tasks automated to improve delivery accuracy and reduce error, while minimizing repetitive tasks and data duplication.

Reduce Risk by Engaging Experience

Reduce Risk by Engaging Experience

Minimize risk with an experienced project manager mentoring junior developers and project timelines to ensure team members are mentored and goals achieved on time.

Our expertise

Solutions Architecture

  • → Full-stack applications (Local, Cloud, and IoT solutions)
  • → Machine learning
  • → Deep learning models

Data Science

  • → Real-Time and offline model options
  • → Domains including computer vision, NLP, speech recognition

Data Engineering

  • → Web-crawling
  • → Data warehouse development
  • → Database creation

Hardware Expertise

  • → Cloud solutions
  • → Edge devices
  • → Cameras and other sensors

Platform Agnostic


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