Enabling start-ups to solve complex problems with data is a core reason Echelon exists.

We support early-stage start-ups by providing them with a deep network of experts that thrive in supporting ambitious entrepreneurs. Visionaries need access to key resources that will help their projects take flight in the early years.

That’s why we have launched Echelon DS; a full-service data solution provider that partners with businesses to create custom-built applications.

Many businesses at an inflection point for growth can’t afford to build the data science team they need to support their growth trajectory. We know this firsthand from working directly with entrepreneurs.

Echelon DS is built to support companies that may have a team of developers and want to implement data science projects without immediately hiring full-time staff. Or those businesses that have a competent data science leader but not the team to support them.

One of the biggest pieces of feedback received from start-ups within the Echelon community is the need for support from a team that can not only build an application but can empower existing staff with working knowledge of the project. This partnership approach ensures that projects succeed long after the initial build is complete.

Echelon DS takes best practices across the data science community and builds applications on the platform of the customer’s preference. Building these solutions collaboratively helps startups scale their data science operations effectively and cost-efficiently. With this hybrid solution, founders can reap the benefits of data as a business resource, without the fear of overspending or being left behind.