Dive Brief: The Recycling Partnership has launched its latest contamination reduction pilot in Atlanta with a new “Feet on the Street” campaign along four recycling routes.

Training began this week for city employees who will be inspecting residential recycling carts, noting the amount and type of contamination, and tagging any problem carts with “Oops” tags, including information on what to fix.

All of this data will be recorded using Rubicon Global’s app as part of a separate and ongoing technology pilot with the city.

Jason Hale, vice president of communications for The Recycling Partnership, told Waste Dive that their new partnership with Cascadia will provide a whole new level of data in both Atlanta and Chicago.

City employees can use the app to check off each of the six target contaminants at a household level and then download that data to get a daily picture of residents’ progress around the city.

Though plastic bags have become a common theme in many of the cities they’ve worked in so far, the new levels of data will likely provide an even more nuanced picture.

As The Recycling Partnership continues to add new cities to its roster of more than 250 communities that have received some form of assistance there are many more in need of behavioral help.