Cyclotron Road innovators can now access the labs and expertise of UC Berkeley faculty in driving their scientific research toward commercial products.

Developed by Cyclotron Road and UC Berkeley’s Office of Intellectual Property and Industry Research Alliance, the program will be piloted this fall by several Cyclotron Road teams.

Cyclotron Road has supported 28 of social-impact driven innovators as entrepreneurial research fellows over the last three years, leading to the creation of science based startups that have attracted more than $20 million in R&D funding and catalyzed new scientific funding, publications, patents, and exposure for Berkeley Lab researchers.

Partnering with UC Berkeley will allow Cyclotron Road to expand its support for top innovators while serving the overall Berkeley scientific research ecosystem.

The cost of access to UC Berkeley facilities will be covered by participating innovators, with support from Cyclotron Road and its sponsoring organizations.

By enabling entrepreneurial scientists to use UC Berkeley labs for product-oriented research, the Visiting Entrepreneurial Research Fellows program leverages the university’s renowned faculty, facilities and entrepreneurial ecosystem to accelerate the pace of innovation originating from the campus.

If successful, the pilot program could offer a model for other innovation programs and university campuses to boost their support of science innovators working to address society’s biggest challenges.