Our first ever Demo Day featured pitches and demos delivered to an audience of over 200 investors, industry members, and entrepreneurs, as well as the opening of applications for Cohort 3 and the announcement of a new partnership to support Cyclotron Road. On Thursday, September 29th, Cyclotron Road hosted Activate 2016, our first ever Demo Day, at the Scottish Rite Temple on the shores of Lake Merritt in Oakland.

The culmination of many months of work for our innovators and program team, Activate had a simple goal: gather the leading hard tech investors and industry players from across the energy innovation ecosystem to showcase the astonishing progress our teams have made.

Especially notable among the presentations, four teams announced the first private sector investments into their companies, including Mosaic Materials, Opus 12, and Spark Thermionics from Cohort 1, which will be graduating from the program at the end of this year, and Cuberg from Cohort 2.

First was the opening of applications for Cyclotron Road Cohort 3, which are due on October 31st. Second was the announcement of Berkeley Lab’s partnership with Activation Energy to expand the reach and impact of Cyclotron Road. Activation Energy is a newly launched non-profit that works with its industry partners to identify and fill institutional and financial gaps on the road from lab to market, creating new programs and financing vehicles for innovators to accelerate the deployment of their next generation energy technologies.

Through this new partnership, Activation Energy will offer Cyclotron Road innovators access to a tailored network of hard technology business and finance advisers, as well as essential market focused strategic services and educational programming.

In attendance at the event were many members of the Activation Energy Leadership Council, which includes top industry executives, investors, entrepreneurs, and academics from across the energy innovation ecosystem.