Subsurface DNA Diagnosticsis a new data source for the oil and gas industry.

The DNA originates from subsurface microbes present in hydrocarbon reservoirs.

DNA can be obtained non-invasively to provide high-resolution subsurface information that tracks the flow and movement of oil.

Using novel analysis software, this information can inform key decisions in unconventional operations at the stage, well, and field level.

The workflow starts with non-invasively acquiring samples in the oilfield, extracting and sequencing the oil and rock DNA, and then applying data science analysis to develop subsurface insight.

By presenting several case studies across U.S. shale plays, we demonstrate DNA Diagnosticscapability to identify heterogeneity and sweet spots across lateral.

Finally, we present results that show frac height estimations from several wells in the Wolfcamp using Subsurface DNA Diagnostics™.