Cool Planet announced that it has joined the Triangle Chemical Company of Macon, Georgia in a distribution agreement for Cool Terra Engineered Biocarbon.

Triangle will distribute Cool Terra in the agricultural as well as turf and ornamental markets across the Mid-Atlantic and Southeast United States.

Cool Planet is establishing relationships with leading agriculture and specialty-market focused companies across the United States to further develop the market and the company’s engineered biocarbon platform that significantly improves soil health.

Cool Planet and Cardinal Turf and Ornamental, a division of Triangle Chemical Company, will partner to drive the commercialization of Cool Terra across wide range of crops and uses to help increase the profitability of Triangle’s many customers.

Triangle is a well-managed, success driven retailer that is ideally positioned to serve its Mid-Atlantic and Southeast growers and customers,” says Jim Loar, chief commercial officer of Cool Planet.

We are faced with tremendous challenges in agriculture and the turf and ornamental markets. Productivity must increase at a time when our soils are degraded, we are challenged to be more efficient with inputs like water and fertilizer and society is demanding more sustainable practices. Innovation and new solutions will be required to meet these challenges,” says Gene Maddux, president of Cardinal Turf and Ornamental, a division of Triangle Chemical Company.

The Cool Terra Engineered Biocarbon product is such an innovation that will help us address many of these challenges. We are proud to partner with Cool Planet to bring the value of this exciting product to our customers.”