As executive director, Bruno maintains communication with the PGMS board of directors about opportunities for association growth, marketing, event planning and more.

There are currently 11 colleges and universities accredited by PGMS, including the University of Delaware, where Bruno graduated from.

“The mission of PGMS is to disseminate education to grounds managers,” Bruno says.

All branches are run primarily by the PGMS members with oversight from Bruno.

With the way Bruno talks about PGMS, one would be surprised to know that her background is in association management with a degree in international relations.

As sustainability continues to move more into the forefront of consumer and industry concerns, Bruno will put more focus on it, adding it to the 2020 strategic plan.

Education will always be one of the main goals for Bruno and PGMS. The strategic plan for 2020, in addition to sustainability efforts, will include updates to the Certified Grounds Manager program.