Cool Planet, an agriculture technology company, is planning to break ground for a commercial production facility in Alexandria after landing a 20-million dollar investment last week.

The company wants to break ground soon on the proposed facility.

Cool Planet focuses on soil health solutions, their leading product is called Cool Terra, a product that improves soil water and nutrient retention.

Company CEO Jim Loar spoke on why Alexandria is a good fit for Cool Planet – and the projected economic impact of the expansion.

“Alexandria is really perfectly situated, the Red River waterway is there, good-good infrastructure for shipments, shipments in, shipments out,” said Loar.

“The initial plans for the manufacturing facility will employ about 30 people. I think what will find is that they’re going to be good paying jobs. They’re not at the low end of the spectrum by any stretch of the imagination.”

The proposed expansion will take place on Cool Planet’s current property and could be open by this time next summer.