Cool Planet, an agricultural technology company focused on soil health solutions, is supporting the Wilmot Botanical Gardens at the University of Florida by donating Cool Terra to support the major transplanting effort of 120 camellias from a private collection.

The relocation project begins by using a tree spade to dig the handpicked, often rare and unusual, camellias from the former Gordy property.

The team then applies 10 to 25 lbs of Cool Terra to the soil backfill to help improve the soil’s performance characteristics and reduce the mortality rate of the camellias.

“We are excited to support the Wilmot Botanical Gardens by donating our soil health product to help increase the success rate of this project. Cool Terra works to optimize soil and enhance a plant’s root zone which is a critical component of successfully transplanting plants and trees,” said CEO of Cool Planet, Jim Loar.

“Through cation and anion exchange capacity, extensive porosity, and high surface area, Cool Terra can increase water and nutrient retention, add structure to the soil, and provide an environment for microbial growth to support the resiliency and beauty of the camellias.”

Today, there are over 200 different unique species of Camellia and most display vibrant, symmetrical flowers with soft round petals in red, white, and pink colors.

Now, UF is reinvesting in the restoration of the gardens and the camellia collection to enrich the lives of visitors.