While working on fuels, the company also startedInvesting in soil scientists, microbiologists, and plant pathologists to study the carbon, how it could be used in the soil, and the value it would have,” he adds.

Cool Planet now produces Cool Terra products and markets them across the U.S.As an engineered biocarbon to improve soil health,” says Loar.

You know, dad, you guys can really make a difference.” They pointed to the sustainability resulting from water and fertilizer efficiency, how the biocarbon targets the rhizosphere the region of soil where the roots are, and the carbon sequestration properties.

Engineered biocarbon has many other uses beyond fuel and improving soil health.

We’re a company that has expertise in shaping and molding and forming material for multiple different uses, uses in animal nutrition, water, soil health, and microbial delivery.”

The use of a fixed carbon in soil for soil health is in its infancy. It’s a blank sheet,” says Loar.

Because soil health is a new concept, educating the market is also challenge.