A Strong Natural Care BrigadeTom’s of Maine sets company goals in several areas, including waste, energy use, packaging and community involvement, and publishes its progress in its annual Goodness Report.

The Natural Care Brigade, created seven years ago in a partnership with TerraCycle, is another consumer-oriented program designed to reduce waste sent to landfills and serve as a fundraising opportunity for community organizations.

“Consumers can collect and send in their personal care waste, which is recycled into durable goods like picnic tables and park benches. It’s actually being made into something that’s going to have a longer life,” Robinson says.

To expand the impact of the Natural Care Brigade, Tom’s of Maine decided to accept waste from any brand of toothpaste or other personal care products.

With more than 15,000 Natural Care Brigades that have recycled more than 1 million units of packaging waste, the company sees the program as a success to build upon.

Rubicon Global: Going Beyond Reduce, Reuse, RecycleWith a bold mission to end waste in all its forms, Rubicon Global provides software and data services to help clients manage their waste and recycling programs - and find solutions to help them avoid creating the waste in the first place.

“It’s much simpler to turn off a light, or use a sensor on a faucet in a restroom, than it is after lunch to figure out how to sustainably get rid of the waste someone created through a takeout meal. There’s a lot of complexity surrounding how you manage and reduce waste.”That’s why Rubicon developed DIVERT: To remove some of that complexity and move more organizations of all sizes toward zero waste.