F1 Oncology, BioAtla’s partner in CAB technology applications for adoptive cellular therapies, combines BioAtla’s CAB technology with F1 Oncology’s proprietary technologies with the goal of developing and commercializing CAB-CAR-T therapies for the treatment of solid tumor malignancies.

CAB-CAR-T cell therapies are designed to be conditionally active only in the tumor microenvironment and may therefore help reduce potential adverse events associated with on-target, off-tumor effects of CAR-T therapies.

In 2016 BioAtla granted F1 Oncology an exclusive worldwide license under patents and know-how controlled by BioAtla to discover, develop, manufacture and commercialize ACT preparations and treatments for cancer.

BioAtla has a majority, non-controlling interest in the outstanding capital stock of F1 Oncology and has no funding or financial obligation.

About Conditionally Active BiologicsConditionally Active Biologic proteins are generated using BioAtla’s proprietary protein discovery, evolution and expression technologies.

CAB proteins are designed to deliver their therapeutic payload and/or recruit the immune response in specific and selected locations and conditions within the body and to be active only in the presence of a particular cellular microenvironment.

BioAtla develops novel monoclonal antibody and other protein therapeutic product candidates designed to have more selective targeting, greater efficacy, and more cost-efficient and predictable manufacturing than traditional antibodies.