Despite humansabsolute need for the resource, clean water is a commodity.

Plastic water bottles continue to create mountains of waste in landfills, and our water bills continue to rise.

Michigan’s ongoing state of emergency over the quality of its water has given the residents of the U.S. a glimpse into what many developing countries still deal with: a shortage of clean water.

Although it’s unlikely that the price of water will change in the future, how people collect water is evolving towards a few incredibly innovative solutions.

While Source is aimed at providing clean drinking water off the grid, SunToWater aims to minimize energy and water use in outdoor housekeeping-think maintaining lawns, gardens, and swimming pools.

The structure relies on gravity, condensation, and evaporation to generate clean water without the need for electrical power.

Trials are still ongoing, but Vittori and his team believe this hive-like structure could be the answer to providing clean water for communities all throughout the developing world.