US-BasedDirect Waferproducer 1366 Technologies has attracted a new investor from China and a new customer in Japan.

With Direct Wafer, the 1366 team provides an answer. We see the great potential for their technology in China and around the world.”

The comments by the founder of Haiyin Capital suggest the VC could be active in promoting 1366 Technologies wafer technology to China-based integrated PV manufacturers and merchant producers.

1366 Technologies also announced that Japan’s IHI Corporation had specified the use of its wafers in two PV installations in Japan.

In an unusual move, 1366 Technologies said it would be responsible for the procurement of the modules using its technology on behalf of IHI Corporation.

Our partnership with IHI demonstrates that the appeal of Direct Wafer extends downstream to global project developers who want to deliver high efficiency, high quality systems with lower technology costs,” said Frank van Mierlo, CEO, 1366 Technologies.

1366 Technologies noted that it expected a long-term partnership with IHI.