CHENNAI: Chennai-based Swelect Energy Systems, a solar technology solutions provider, has partnered with Zero Mass Water, a US-based company, to install and sell hydropanels that can be used to produce water from solar energy.

Called Source, hydropanels use technology that makes use of air and sunlight to produce water.

One unit, which costs Rs 2 lakh, could produce up to five litre of water per day, said Robert Bartrop – executive vice-president, Global Business, ZMW. “The company has global customers in 15 countries, including the US and Australia, and the panels will be made exclusively available in south India through Swelect. The company will make installations in north India as well,” he added.

“Solar is beyond photovoltaic and thermal, it has now forayed into water production. Swelect brings Source hydropanels – which is a renewable way of getting drinking water. Two panels can take care of the water needs of four people,” said R Chellapan, MD, Swelect.