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Confection collects, stores, and distributes data in a way that’s unaffected by browser and device disruptions involving cookies, cross-domain scripts, and device IDs. It’s also compliant with global privacy laws so it’s good for people too.


Traditional identity resolution techniques rely on fragile, easily-interrupted data sources like IP addresses, cookies, and cross-domain scripts. Socially and culturally, we’re also seeing an increased interest in data protection rights. For both of these reasons, traditional means of resolving identities is being steadily depreciated.


Echelon DS worked with Confection to design a server-side, AI-driven identity resolution model. Amplifying the algorithm-based predictive model Confection already had, machine learning will give Confection the ability to attribute events to users at various levels, from specific individuals to thematic audience groupings and, ultimately, resolve identities with no front-end dependencies.

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