How severe is bias in hiring? According to one source, hiring bias may cost professionals some 40 percent of the roles they’re qualified for.

In an interview with Girl Geek X, CEO Aline Lerner suggested that 40 percent of the hires her company made in the past two years have been people who were qualified for jobs at other companies, but rejected based on some form of bias.

The most compelling bias or, I guess, the strongest signal of bias that we’ve seen has been against people with non-traditional educational and work backgrounds.

The hiring bias may not even be entirely human: Bots are increasingly used to screen résumés.

As a recent Dice survey suggests, up to 68 percent of Baby Boomers don’t apply for jobs because of age, with 40 percent of Generation X-ers chiming in that ageism is affecting their ability to earn.

A full 80 percent of tech pros 46-49 years of age think that ageism at companies will affect their careers.

Bias extends beyond age: Another 21 percent of respondents to Dice’s survey report gender bias at work, and 11 percent report a political stance has proven detrimental to them or a coworker.