Zero Mass Water, Inc. is a global drinking water technology company bringing its revolutionary drinking water solar panels, SOURCE, to Los Angeles residents.

Zero Mass Water makes SOURCE, solar panels that make pure drinking water from sunlight and air alone.

The water is dispensed directly into people’s kitchens providing families with great-tasting drinking water.

Water issues are close to home in California, where although the winter rains have eased the drought, water scarcity and contamination is still a major concern.

Source panels are installed in arrays from one to many depending on the drinking water demands of a household.

Water Democratized is the vision of Zero Mass Water CEO Cody Friesen, and is enabled by cutting edge technology that bypasses the need to clean andt  ransport existing water, instead simply pulling it from thin air.

ABOUT ZERO MASS WATER Founded in 2014, Zero Mass Water is a renewable water company dedicated to democratizing water with SOURCE, solar panels that make water from air.