From marketing, accounting and IT services to back-office support, Central Kentucky is stocked with business and professional services talent to help meet the needs of the region’s industry leaders.

The region’s business and professional services industry provides services and support for other businesses in various key industries-legal, architectural, engineering, and consulting services-and basic services that support daily activities, such as back-office support operations, accounting, shared services and processing facilities.

Lexington is home to more than 70 headquarters operations, many of which require business services firms to help them operate.

A strong professional services sector is crucial to the region’s economy: The business and professional services industry accounts for 13.3% of jobs in the Lexington Metropolitan Statistical Area.

Global firm Rubicon working to reinvent recycling

Rubicon, a software platform that provides smart waste and recycling solutions to businesses and governments worldwide, in 2021 located its global headquarters at Lexington’s City Center. It is a leader in providing cloud-based waste and recycling solutions.