A new private equity fund hopes that talk-show host Jimmy Kimmel, former NBA player KennyThe JetSmith, and New York Rangers goalie Henrik Lundqvist can boost the returns on its investments.

Denver-based TitleCard Capital was set up last summer by private equity veteran Tyler Tysdal following a conversation with Smith.

The two knew each other from a previous business relationship and started discussing a new type of private equity fund that would benefit both the investors and athletes and artists.

Celebrities perform marketing services for the consumer-facing companies.

Those marketing efforts are then rewarded with equity in the companies they are helping advertise.

The fund features six celebrity influencers: Jimmy Kimmel, singer/songwriter Adam Levine, former NFL player Eric Decker, country-music star Jessie James Decker, NHL star Henrik Lundqvist, and Kenny Smith.

I’m sitting there. goes around the corner and I’m thinking: ‘Oh boy. Here comes a prank video from Jimmy Kimmel. I’m on Jimmy Kimmel Live!’ And hecomes out and starts bringing out one product at a time. He says: ‘I love this company and this company and this company. I give them away to celebrities on my show in the greenroom in a swag bag. Are these the kind of companies?'”.