We are living in an exciting moment for clean energy, with a broad range of new and innovative technologies rapidly reaching cost-competitiveness with traditional energy sources.

There remain some significant barriers to harnessing the full potential of these uniquely American advantages-perhaps most notably the need to develop and support a new generation of clean energy entrepreneurs and startups, especially at their earliest stages of development.

Together we must build a new American clean energy innovation ecosystem.

We’re already supporting thousands of budding clean energy entrepreneurs through our Cleantech University Prize university business plan competition and our National Incubator Initiative for Clean Energy.

Perhaps the most exciting new platform we have created in building the American clean energy innovation ecosystem is Cyclotron Road. This highly-competitive exciting new program, jointly created by EERE’s Advanced Manufacturing Office and Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory in Berkeley, CA, provides financial support andSpins intop entrepreneurs into our National Labs to prove out the fundamentals of their technologies and to provide them with world-class business mentorship as they plot a course forward to commercialize these technologies.

Focused on developing the human capital behind the technologies, Cyclotron Road couples some of the best and brightest entrepreneurs across the nation with the world-class tools and expertise of Berkeley Lab to help develop cutting-edge new clean energy technologies.

EERE encourages you to join us as we work with our partners to create a new American clean energy innovation ecosystem that will ensure the United States competes and wins in the greatest economic development race of the 21st century-the race for clean energy.