Free stock trading app Robinhood has raced to become one of the most valuable fintech startups in America, last week quadrupling its valuation to $5.6 billion.

Across the pond in Britain, Adam Dodds is brewing a similar revolution for Europe.

“We’re basically staffing up, expanding the team, and we’re gonna be expanding to Europe in the next 12 months,” says Dodds.

Dodds’ last crowdfunding round of £300,000 in 2017 was overfunded to the tune of £800,000, and he’s quietly hoping to similarly smash his goal this year.

“We already have a regulatory passport and can technically start onboarding European clients as soon as we’re ready,” says Dodds, pointing out that a huge number of people on his waiting list are from across the continent.

While Dodds and his team look to Europe, Robinhood has long been made rumblings about expanding its well-funded business to the U.K. “They’re still killing it in the States,” says Dodds, unfazed by the prospect of Robinhood’s eventual arrival.

Dodds is certain his European expansion will be more successful.