Rich is a first-generation American, an avid skier, a huge Arsenal fan, and makes the best sheets ever.

Rich grew up in in Edison, New Jersey, the son of Romanian immigrants.

His father owned a deli nearby in Newark, where Rich helped out at the counter as a youngster.

After getting laid off from Alliance Bernstein during the 2011 Recession, Rich returned to New York University, this time completing his Masters in Business Administration at the New York University Stern School of Business on a full scholarship.

Neither Rich nor Vicki had a background in textiles or manufacturing, but they soon realized just how savvy one can become when armed with the Internet and the right combination of curiosity, persistence and vision.

Armed with their laptops and a shared vision, Rich and Vicki launched Brooklinen via Kickstarter from their one bedroom New York apartment.

The direct to consumer business model has helped Brooklinen blossom by establishing personal relationships and connecting with real people in real ways.