PRNewswire/ – BioAtla ®, LLC, a global clinical-stage biotechnology company focused on the development of Conditionally Active Biologic protein therapeutics, will present pre-clinical data on BA3071 and BA3181, the company’s novel CAB-CTLA-4 and CAB-EpCAM-ADC programs, at the 2019 American Association For Cancer Research annual meeting in Atlanta, Georgia.

“These new data showcase the capabilities of our proprietary CAB technology, which we believe will expand the number of druggable protein targets and maximize both potency and safety in combination therapies, antibody drug conjugate medicines, bispecifics and other targeted therapy formats for cancer treatments,” stated Jay M. Short.

“We are particularly excited by these new preclinical data for our novel CAB-CTLA-4 program as a single-agent or in combination with checkpoint inhibitors. This novel CAB has the potential for an improved safety margin and therapeutic index thereby improving this important cancer therapy,” said Scott Smith.

“These preclinical data suggest that our CAB technology may effectively address the issue of on-target off-tumor toxicity and allow leveraging the widely expressed and promising EpCAM target for cancer therapy,” added Scott Smith.

Using our CAB technology, BioAtla has developed CAB antibodies to EpCAM that reversibly bind to recombinant EpCAM and EpCAM expressing cells under select conditions that are present in the tumor microenvironment but not in normal tissues.

In vitro and in vivo efficacy data for several anti-EpCAM antibodies and ADCs will be presented and suggest that conditionally active EpCAM ADCs generated using the CAB technology provided drug candidates, including BA3181, that have the potential to have an increased safety margin and therapeutic index in the clinic.