Sinobioway affiliates and US entities invest $37M in F1 Oncology, Inc. First clinical trial with CAB CAR-T in solid tumors planned for China in 2017.

SAN DIEGO, CA and WEST PALM BEACH, FL January 6, 2017 BioAtla® LLC, global biotechnology company focused on the development of Conditionally Active Biologic protein therapeutics, and F1 Oncology, Inc., a biotechnology company discovering and developing a new class of adoptive cellular therapies, today announced a global license agreement to combine BioAtla’s CAB technology with F1 Oncology’s proprietary technologies to develop and commercialize chimeric antigen receptor T-cell therapies and other ACTs for the treatment of cancer.

BioAtla has granted F1 Oncology an exclusive worldwide license under patents and know-how controlled by BioAtla to discover, develop, manufacture and commercialize ACT preparations and treatments for cancer.

BioAtla and F1 Oncology have identified CAR-T and other ACT therapies as potential opportunities for the application of CAB technology.

We are pleased and excited to collaborate with Dr. Frost and his experienced team at F1 Oncology to combine our CAB technology with F1 Oncology’s proprietary technology and manufacturing expertise to develop new CAR-T therapies. Through our combined efforts, F1 Oncology will focus on developing effective and safer therapy to patients and especially to those afflicted with solid tumor cancers representing the great majority of cancer cases,” stated Jay M.Short, Ph.D., Chairman, President and Chief Executive Officer of BioAtla.

Dr. Short and I have a successful history of early research collaborations in protein evolution that we look forward to applying to this key challenge of adoptive cellular therapy for solid tumorsnoted Gregory I. Frost, Ph.D., Chairman and CEO of F1 Oncology, Inc.While patient safety, CAR-T cell engraftment, and definitive radiologic response are the key milestones from which these first programs must be judged, we are encouraged by the successful generation and pre-clinical testing by F1 Oncology of conditionally active CAR-T cells in primary human lymphocytes with a number of BioAtla’s CAB domains in F1 Oncology’s CAR-T platform.”

F1 Oncology leverages its globally integrated science, development and informatics teams located across multiple time zones to accelerate the design, high-throughput screening, discovery and development of adoptive cellular therapy candidates.