BioAtla, LLC, a global biotechnology company focused on the development of Conditionally Active Biologic antibody therapeutics, today announced the appointment of Lawrence Fong., M.D., as a scientific advisor.

Dr. Fong is a leader in clinical research and has dedicated 20 years to the field of cancer immunotherapy.

“The knowledge, experience and insight of Dr. Fong will provide valuable contributions to the direction and prioritization of our CAB development programs. In particular, his advice will enhance our decisions and design of clinical trials for combination CAB bispecific antibodies and CAB immunotherapies,” said Jay M. Short.

These proteins can be monoclonal antibodies, enzymes and other proteins designed with functions dependent on changes in microphysiological conditions both outside and inside cells.

CABs can be developed in a variety of formats including monoclonal antibodies, antibody drug conjugates, bispecific antibodies, chimeric antigen receptor T-cells and combination therapies.

About BioAtla, LLC. BioAtla is a global biotechnology company with operations in San Diego, California.

BioAtla develops novel monoclonal antibody and other protein therapeutic product candidates designed to have more selective targeting, greater efficacy, and more cost-efficient and predictable manufacturing than traditional antibodies.