Verifone Bay Area employees hired from 2015 to 2016: 115 Rank on Bay Area’s 50 largest more.

The explosion of the industry and sheer number of companies entering the space continued at such a rapid clip that we decided to expand our now annual list of the biggest 25 Bay Area fintech companies to the largest 50 companies.

A peek into the data: The top 50 firms on the list employ nearly 20,000 people in the Bay Area, with the top 25 alone counting 17,600 workers among them.

Last year’s top 25Onlyhad 15,500 local employees, so we’re seeing a 14 percent jump in employment among the largest 25 local companies in the space.

Two big San Francisco companies that went public last year, Lending Club and Square, round out the top five.

Reflecting even more so this growth trend 10 companies in the top 50 each hired more than 100 Bay Area workers in the past year.

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