Vestorly is helping established financial institutions in a big way.

Maureen Duff, managing director and global head of marketing at Pershing, told Benzinga that Vestorly’s technology will be integrated into the firm’s NetX360 product in July.

In specifics to marketing and communications, we try to focus on how can we help our clients enrich the way they communicate and collaborate with their clients.”

Then Vestorly demonstrated Pershing how news could be emailed or shared socially or posted to a website.

Justin Wisz, CEO of Vestorly, told Benzinga that Pershing is signing on with Vestorly to do aReally deep integrationlike nothing the company has ever done before.

Now they can use Vestorly technology to allow a financial advisor on the platform of which there are 105,000 across 1,600 institutions to access and quickly find any content, re-purpose it in their own branded browser and power email, newsletters and social media with all that real-time content.”

Wisz said that Pershing could provide a story from Forbes and another from Benzinga right next to a company blog and a PDF on Roth IRAs.