Now three years later, he’s worked as a line cook at the Denver branch of the Kitchen, Masterpiece Deli, and Old Major, which he cites as a major influence.

Old Major bartender Kevin Deming joined Quidachay and paired six tropical drinks to quaff with the island offerings.

Read on as Quidachay talks about his background, and how his Silver Spork Social meal came together.

Was there any one dish you were particularly nervous about preparing at Silver Spork Social?

There’s something about cooking food from back home-I could work in a three-hundred seat restaurant and sling food all night long, or grind at Old Major, but something as simple as that, I freak out.

Total time: 1/2 hour + 12 hours + 3 1/2 hours = 16 hours all day.

Once heated, place the ribs directly on the oven rack and cook for three-and-a-half hours, applying first coat of glaze 30 minutes in and additional coats every 30 minutes thereafter.