Our browser-in-the-cloud is a way for them to keep it all in a closed feedback loop so that they can pre-approve it in real-time and archive it in real-time for compliance.” For advisors at b/ds, that means they no longer have to rely on canned content.

An advisor can choose a story from the tens of thousands of articles pulled into the browser each day and immediately share those with a content library hosted in the browser.

These legacy providers put together a library of canned content for advisors to choose from.

The advisor then has to manually push that content out to social media, their website or email.

The closed feedback loop allows the b/d to control the advisor’s activities, but it also gives the advisor insights into his or her users of the content, as it keeps users in one place.

With the new technology, advisors can also have access to native digital content for the first time.

Our software is a cloud-based reading portal that is now able to absorb any content, including content management systems of broker/dealers and enterprises that are supporting huge networks of advisors.”