If Fluidic Energy is able to sell more batteries to more customers, it could grab a major piece of these potentially massive new markets that are emerging for batteries.

Will Fluidic Energy be the rare battery manufacturing startup that actually breaks out and makes it big? One part metal, one part air Researchers the world over have long coveted the metal air battery.

The idea behind a metal air battery is to use air-which is free, lightweight, and widely available-for the cathode part of the battery.

Fluidic Energy makes a specific type of metal air battery called a zinc-air battery.

While Scharnhorst is quiet on the exact cost of Fluidic Energy’s batteries, he said they’re currently competitive with lead acid batteries, which are one of the lowest cost battery options available for the power grid.

Lead acid batteries are much cheaper than lithium-ion batteries.

Industry watchers debate if lithium-ion batteries will eventually become cheap enough to completely undercut the novel battery makers like Fluidic Energy.