Before the boost for success weans, you should take some time to conduct an audit of your financial products that may help you reach your money goals for the year.

Start by writing a list detailing all your financial products, including savings accounts, checking accounts, credit cards, investments, student loans, home insurance, mortgage, auto insurance, health insurance, disability insurance and life insurance.

There is enough disruption in the banking world at the moment that customers don’t need to be subjected to $12 overdraft fees, 0.01 percent APY on savings accounts and $3 ATM fees levied by banks and ATMs. The same can be said for student loan payments.

Financial auditors need to scan all their credit card bills and monthly bank statements for automated payments.

Once you evaluate your financial products, it’s time to see if any products need to be added.

Your audit is complete, but now it’s time to figure out how to switch from mediocre financial products to better ones.

Savings accounts should also be earning at least 1 percent APY, which is possible with GE Capital Bank, Synchrony Bank, Ally, Radius Bank and Barclays.