Andrew Maness is out to “Moneyball” NASCAR.If that reference misses the mark, it’s the title of a 2003 baseball book detailing how the tight-pocketed Oakland Athletics used advanced analytics to build a winning baseball team using undervalued players.

Enter Maness, who has proven he can help teams gain track position in new ways.

Equally unassuming, Maness was working in analytics at the Federal Reserve in 2013 when he founded a website to blaze his own brand of motorsports analysis –

A lifelong motorsports enthusiast, Maness cites the 1997 Brickyard 400 as the seminal moment he became obsessed with numbers, witnessing Ricky Rudd win at Indianapolis on pit strategy.

That drew NASCAR’s ire, leading to a cease-and-desist order that eventually shut down Maness’ website.

The resulting attention put him on the radar of the analytics community, including former NASCAR crew chief Josh Browne, who co-founded Rho AI to serve as a NASCAR gambling tool.

Maness incorporates real-time data from every possible outlet, including timing and scoring, loop data and previous race trends.