Allensworth founded the town that bears his name in the southwestern corner of Tulare County in 1908, water was gushing just below the surface fed by the Tulare Lake, at one time the largest lake west of Mississippi.

The town, located just a few miles from the former lake bed in Corcoran, was prospering with its train station and ample supply of water but its success, and water supply, would begin to run out.

CONTAMINATED. Arsenic has plagued Allensworth’s water wells since 1966, according to a 2013 engineering report of the Allensworth Community Services District.

The community water system currently serves 156 connections, according to the State Water Board.

The community’s water is so bad the ACSD imposed a moratorium on new water connections and the drilling of new wells in 2010.

Boiling water does not actually remove arsenic, but rather concentrates levels in the water.

TAPPING THE SKY. After 100 years of looking for solutions below their feet, Allensworth is now looking to the sky overhead. Allensworth is currently collaborating with Source Global, a public benefit corporation whose mission is to innovate drinking water solutions, to outfit the community with two hydropanels.