Other firms use software to distribute digital content both original and aggregated while capturing information about their audience.

Advisors will be able to send out original and non-original content through social media channels like Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter, then track how that content is shared.

Vestorly edits out anything resembling a testimonial noLikesor comments are allowed so compliance headaches are taken care of while clients and prospects can forward and retweet to their heartscontent.

An advisor team with clients who are horse lovers will publish content of equestrian interest.

The clients will share the horsey articles with their horsey Facebook friends, whom the advisor will then be able to track and perhaps approach as prospects.

With theThought leadershipapproach to content marketing, firms deploy an advisor or two to maintain a high profile by writing and speaking engagingly in the media.

Marketing consultant Greg Satell, author of the Digital Tonto blog, says that in the fever for content marketing, business people have forgotten that creating worthwhile content is a specialized profession in itself.