Adobe is bringing the intelligence of ecommerce to the brick and mortar world with a new smart shopping bag that functions like a virtual shopping cart.

Announced at Adobe Summit in Las Vegas on Tuesday, the Adobe Smart Bag is a collaboration with Capgemini and tech startup Twyst.

It is designed with a hard exterior and a reusable interior bag that the customer can remove at the end of their shopping trip, triggering the purchase of all of the items inside.

The Smart Bag makes use of Bluetooth Low Energy and radio-frequency identification technology to allow communication between the bag and product tags.

The bag is also lined with mylar that blocks out other signals so when customer passes items in the store, they’re not added to the customer’s shopping cart.

REI Co-Op is not currently using the Smart Bag, but Gilchriest said several retailers are currently testing it inClean labsimulated retail spaces for potential use.

The Smart Bag is one of several technology products Adobe has rolled out for retailers in recent years as it works to bridge the gap between online and in-store sales.