The idea is that if consumers have their monthly payments spelled out for them and know how long it will take them to pay off debt, they’re more likely to take out a loan.

In 2016, we’ll likely see startups working to integrate their offerings more deeply into the lives of millennials with services that help them buy cars and homes.

While Apple paved the way for NFC payment acceptance at major brands like Macy’s and McDonald’s, there’s still more work to be done.

In 2016, we’re likely to see PayPal appear as a payment method inside more merchant apps if not in CurrentC. At the end of last quarter, PayPal said it made Venmo a payment option for PayPal merchants online.

In 2016, Square will likely try to close the loop between its consumer products and merchant services, perhaps finally nailing a mobile wallet that consumers want.

While Venmo, the long reigning king of peer-to-peer payment apps, is expanding into a more traditional e-payment model, Apple is hoping to take on Venmo’s dominance in P2P payments.

In 2016, Shopify stands to bring even more retail experiences to both Facebook and Messenger.