Here are a few of the cutting-edge technologies that made the list-and the companies that are already making strides with them.

Grail, which spun out from life sciences company Illumina earlier this year, currently has $1 billion in funding from investors including Jeff Bezos and Bill Gates.

Creating sustainable neighborhoods isn’t just be good for the environment-it might be good business, allowing companies and residents to reduce their energy costs.

The scientists customize crystals called metal-organic frameworks to be extra porous and thus able to collect large amounts of water, which are then deposited into a collector.

An Arizona-based startup called Zero Mass Water harvests water using a different method.

According to the publication, the company creates a system that uses solar energy to push air through a moisture-absorbing material.

A unit with one solar panel, which runs about $3,700, produces between two and five liters of water per day.