Justin Wisz  (CEO  – Vestorly)

Why did you choose a career in insurance or financial services? I wanted to bring a traditional industry into the digital age with cutting-edge technology to better connect consumers with advisors.

What is the biggest challenge that you see in the industry or what is the one thing you would change? Loyalty to legacy technology and traditional practices breeds fear of new ways to engage consumers and improve workflows.

Financial professionals remember long learning curves back when they bought into now out-of-date tools.

The industry now has access to far more advanced and simplified ways to communicate and engage consumers, and more financial professionals need to learn about them.

What is the biggest opportunity that you see in the industry? There’s an opportunity in this industry to enhance how the financial professional is viewed by the everyday consumer.

Technology is available to enable financial professionals to do so now.

What is the No. 1 piece of advice you would give to a young person looking to enter this industry? Industries with long histories are full of opportunities to reinvent and have an impact, but you have to enter with respect for its history and its influencers who came before you.