The two founders, who previously started a digital advertising and lead generation firm called AdvisorLeap, began Vestorly with a simple premise: helping people read and share interesting content.

Since Justin Wisz, the CEO of Vestorly, and I were at the 2016 Envestnet Advisor Summit in Chicago together, we sat down for a chat about social media, client engagement and the state of his firm.

Advisors can import their contacts and can also tell Vestorly to synchronize data so that any new leads created in Vestorly will be be reflected back into the CRM. Vestorly then generates the first newsletter to all contacts.

Any subsequent interactions that the client has with the content are tracked by the Vestorly algorithm.

Halbert Hargrove reports that its database grew by 15% with client referrals prompted by Vestorly content.

I was disappointed by the lack of an automated feedback loop from Vestorly back to CRM. The subscriber can see client interaction patterns and history in Vestorly.

Orion Advisor Solutions portfolio accounting service now includes Vestorly Standard digital content subscription at no additional charge, with advanced customization and data reporting available for a fee.