Inc., the leading publication for entrepreneurs and innovators, has recognized Rubicon Global as one of its most disruptive companies of the year.

Read Rubicon’s profile to understand how we are restacking the age-old waste industry, and check-out the full list of “Disruptors” to see how other tech companies are doing it as well.

“Trash is a kitchen table issue that reaches Middle America-not just the coasts,” says Morris, who in 2009 launched a technology company to connect independent waste removal companies to corporate clients.

The company has grown to work with clients including 7-Eleven and Wegmans and more than 5,500 independent haulers.

Last year Rubicon saw more than $300 million in revenue.

One major challenge for Rubicon has been making a dent in the sector: “This is the world’s toughest industry,” concedes Morris.

“It’s been controlled for generations by a duopoly that has resisted technology and innovation.” Nevertheless, the entrepreneur says he’s newly energized by the election of Donald Trump, which could herald a new age for U.S. companies.