Interest in perovskite technology has surged given the material’s potential for high efficiency, low cost, and broad applicability in the semiconductor industry, particularly in solar.

Perovskite solar devices are rapidly approaching the efficiency records set by silicon PV. The primary obstacle remaining in the commercialization of perovskite solar technology is durability; an area where HPT has excelled.

CEO of 1366 Technologies and the new CubicPV. “Since their founding, both companies have championed the importance of low-cost manufacturing innovations to achieving the world’s energy transition goals. By joining forces, our combined entity is uniquely positioned to lead the rapidly growing solar industry.”

“Eight years ago, Hunt made the strategic decision to focus on developing perovskite solar cells, recognizing its importance as a ‘next generation technology’ to compliment silicon and help address the world’s energy needs,” said Hunter Hunt., CEO, Hunt Energy, the parent company for both Hunt Perovskite Technologies and Hunt Energy Enterprises.

“We commend Hunt for taking an early lead in the development of perovskite technology and for their vision. Tandem solar is the future and their investment into the combined entity will have made a meaningful contribution to that future.”

Served as legal counsel to 1366 Technologies and Baker Botts acted as legal counsel to HEE. ABOUT 1366 TECHNOLOGIES. 1366 Technologies is consistently recognized as one of the world’s most innovative companies in energy.