Just like Amazon changed the face of retail, Apple wreaked havoc on the music industry and Uber is rewriting the rules of the roads, finance is finally getting its day in the disruption sun. A lot has changed already. Technology and the startups wielding it are transforming how money is stored, moved and spent. Nearly every aspect of our financial lives is liable to become cheaper, faster and more convenient.

With Ernst & Young predicting fintech usage could double in 2016, the question of what lies ahead has never been more relevant.

The responses provided by fintech founders and CEOs — many of them of our Fintech 50 companies — to my query were diverse and thoughtful. Yes, many talked their books but even self serving predictions can tell us a lot about where these companies, and financial technology at large, are heading. A sampling of response below.

“@samsharf Apps will make engaging with finances easier and faster. People will know in real-time when and where they can save money. “— kennethlin (@kennethlin) January 5, 2016

Louis Beryl, Founder and CEO Earnest