If you have multiple loans with multiple different servicers, it can be helpful to create a list of who you owe, the required minimum monthly payment, and the website you go to when you need to make a payment and view your account details.

Depending on what your monthly income is and when you originated your federally guaranteed loans, you could qualify to have your student loan payments capped at 10%, 15% or 20% of your discretionary income and payment period stretched to 20 or 25 years.

The above alternative repayment plans are only for federally-guaranteed loans, but if you’re struggling to make payments on student loans held with private servicer, it is possible to call the servicer and see what relief they can provide.

If you’re in good credit standing, you could qualify to refinance your student loans to better terms.

Over the past several years, start-ups like SoFi, CommonBond and Earnest have entered the student loan space and made it possible for borrowers with excellent credit to refinance their loans to better rates.

Like most things personal-finance, making student loan payments is easier if you canSet it and forget it.” Some lenders even offer a.25% reduction on your interest rate if you put your monthly payments on auto-pilot.

Speaking as someone who is still repaying her own student loans, allow me to say: I get it, 100%. Life with student debt can be stressful; it can be frustrating to see hundreds of dollars goOut the windowevery month whenyou’d rather save for a house, car or even family.