Follow these 10 robotics companies for a deeper look into what’s happening in the machine universe.

Founded in 1990 by a group of creative thinkers from MIT, iRobot, most famous for its invention of the Roomba, is one of the biggest names in robotics today.

Harvest is one of the biggest agricultural robotics companies, using robots inlarge-scale warehouses.

Rethink Robotics, a Massachusetts-based robotics company, was founded in 2008 by Rodney Brooks, another one of the original founders of iRobot.

3D Robotics specializes in unmanned aerial vehicles and other small robotic machines.

Founded in 1989, Yaskawa is one of the biggest robotics companies in the US, with roughly 600 employees and 300,000 Motoman robots roaming around the globe.

Jim Lawton at Rethink Robotics recently told TechRepublic thatResearch and the advancement in the area of grippers and hands is still a work-in-progress”-and Soft Roboticsgel-like fingers areGreat for gripping.” A good company to keep tabs on, for sure.